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Boutargue (or Poutargue) also known as "Mediterranean caviar," is a dried egg of mullet roe, salted, cured to perfection, and waxed to protect its freshness. There is no added food coloring, additives, or preservatives. Sliced boutargue is generally eaten as an appetizer, while the ground is enjoyed with pasta, fish or rice, and also compliments many sauces. Some suggested spirits include Fig Liquor, Arak, Vodka, or Pernaud. These products are under the supervision of the Beth Din of Paris.


Other kosher caviar you can find online at Marky's - our gourmet partner that is famous as the biggest caviar manufactures in US. What is Kosher caviar? 'Kosher' is a list of particular products and characteristics of these products evidently set forward in Thora (Jewish Scripture). That may be safely consumed from the Jews and the ones who stick to a kosher diet for the benefit of wellness.

Besides, 'Kosher' is the way and technique the food should be cooked and processed. About kosher fish, the Thora says only the fish with fins and scales is kosher. There are Black Whitefish Caviar, Golden Whitefish Caviar, Alaskan Salmon Caviar and of course French Bottarga we sell. And if you want to find other gourmet caviar products all range you can find here.

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